Here's your chance to show your appreciation to the VMware & virtualization bloggers for all their hard work by picking your favorites which will determine the top blogs for 2018.  Here are some more details on the voting process:

- Note that blogs that did not have at least 10 posts in 2017 are not eligible to participate and not listed here. Also note that Duncan Epping (Yellow Bricks) and Frank Denneman chose not to participate this year.
- You must pick 12 of your favorite blogs and then rank them in your order of preference after you pick your 12. The results will be weighted with a #1 ranking getting 12 points and a #12 ranking getting 1 point. Point totals will be tabulated and from them the top blogs will be determined.

- The current top 100 blogs are listed first with their current ranking and the remaining blogs are listed on the ballot in alphabetical order. So please go through the whole list when making your choices.

- Again this year we also having voting in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 12 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category (not required but encouraged).

- Voting will run until 12/15, afterwards the results will be determined and announced on a special live video podcast.

- Duplicate vote protection is enabled, this isn’t 
Chicago, please be honest and fair when voting, any suspicious votes will be tossed.

- When selecting blogs make sure and click on the checkbox, you can optionally right click on a blog name in the survey to open it in a new window for you to view it, use can also use my 
vLaunchpad to see links to all blogs.